Mary Ward (1585 - 1645)

Foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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debasmita mandal doctor(teaching faculty in medical college)
How you know: I am a parent
Comment: i have observed school children from your esteemed school and could delineate that they something else from the mass..they are compassionate, respectful and honest with good behaviour. they are the seeds who has been implanted by Loretta house for the society. My best wishes will be always there...even i want my daughter to be trained in the hands of faculties of this esteemed school.
Date: 26-Jul-2017
Balwant Singh Managing farming community
How you know: I am a parent
Comment: It is nice website and it shows our children are fully empowered for school life
Date: 09-Jul-2017
Palak Sahni Business Development Manager
How you know: I am an ex-student
Comment: Dear Loreto House, Thank you for making a website about the school! It's wonderful to be able to come back here and see pictures of our school which a lot of us so sorely miss. Unfortunately, the link to "Alumnae" doesn't work, and it would also be wonderful to see the office bearers of the past years! Thank you!
Date: 18-Oct-2016
Samraggi Ghosh student
How you know: I am a student
Comment: Me being a student is extremely happy that my school is growing and developing in various ways. This gives me great joy that I am a small part of this great Loreto family.
Date: 21-Aug-2016
RAJIB MITRA Deputy Manager
How you know: Referred by a friend
Comment: Everything is Excellent!Planning for a kid next year,if its a girl will surely put her here...
Date: 26-Aug-2015
Vandana Chaudhury Service
How you know: I am a parent
Comment: Its the best school. Because a Convent school teaches much more than books and exams.. Values, Manners, Conduct etc. Please maintain the same, because the new upcoming schools are fanciful but children have no moral values and manners.
Date: 07-May-2015
How you know: Referred by a friend
Comment: My best regards to Team Loreto...just if you can make the admission process easy to access in this site...regards
Date: 28-Feb-2015

Total Records: 7