Mary Ward (1585 - 1645)

Foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The School At A Glance

School Events:
The school calendar is filled with numerous events that aim to provide a holistic education to its pupils. Commemoration of important National Days like Independence Day, Republic Day, Birth Anniversaries of important personalities like, our founder Mary Ward and Rabindranath Tagore, the celebration of the various festivals of India, the marking of important International Days like Labour Day, Earth Day, Human Rights Day, Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day, are on the regular schedule of our school.

A small glimpse of our Co-curricular Activities:
Whether it is the sporting arena which tests the limits of the body, or the stage which displays the histrionic talents of the individual, or a symposium where ideas converge and are assimilated, or even subject-specific exhibitions which display the practical relevance of the subject, Loreto House aims to provide its pupils adequate opportunities to discover and hone their potential in diverse fields.

The Loreto House School Building and Academics:
Covering the length of three basketball courts, along with a spacious lawn for children to play in, Loreto House offers in abundance to its pupils something which is in very short supply in the city today- and that is ample space for the pupils to play, learn and grow! Shaded by trees, and serenaded very often by a variety of birds, that call out from these verdant havens, the school accommodates pupils from the ages of 4 to 18, on a single campus!

Social Service Projects:
The school puts special emphasis on inculcating the spirit of service in its pupils through various programmes. Organisations such as the JPIC and LTS operate at the school level, training pupils to be agents of social change. These also offer vocational guidance to the needy to realise the dream of women’s empowerment. Besides this, there are two special programmes organised and conducted by the students- the “Mentaid” programme which fosters a close interaction with children with special needs and the “We Care” programme, which aims to sensitize the pupils to the needs of the senior citizens who reside in the various old age homes of the city.

Some of our Activity Club Events:
In keeping with our belief that the potential of every child needs to be identified and channelized, the school has set up various Activity Clubs, as varied as a Dance Club, a Cookery Club, Mathematics and Science Clubs, to cater to the diverse talents of the pupils. Each club, led by a set of teachers, then in turn, organises multiple activities to showcase the talent of its members.

Community Outreach Programmes:
Community Outreach Programmes are high on the priority list of the school. The school houses a night shelter and as well as a literacy centre for under privileged children, who are nurtured in an environment conducive for their all round well being. A concerted effort is on to integrate many of these children with the rest of the school.