Mary Ward (1585 - 1645)

Foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Special Educator (Role of a Special Educator at Loreto House )

STUDENT INTERVENTIONS: Developing skills that will help the student in accessing the mainstream curriculum. Working on skills in Reading, Writing, Math, Language development and Socialization. These sessions will typically be one on one or in small groups.

WORKING WITH TEACHERS: Working closely with subject teachers in assessing and understanding the student. Consistent and similar techniques of subject teachers and special educator helps in the optimum development of the child.

SUPPORTING STUDENTS IN THE CLASSROOM: Helping the student understand the task, getting them organised, reinforcing instructions, encouraging their participation etc.

WORKING WITH FAMILIES: Working closely with families to understand the student well and ensure that the parents reinforce the work done in school at home.

DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN IEPs: Responsible for developing Individual Education Plans (IEP) for the students. Assessing the strengths of the student and selecting the immediate needs.

MONITORING IEPs: Assessing the student's performance to know whether they are meeting the IEP goals.

BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION: Providing management for Behaviour deficits. Implementing Reinforcement, Motivation, Activity Schedule and Restructuring Strategies to help the child overcome her skill deficit.

OBSERVATION CLASSES: Observing Students in the classroom for screening the index child from the larger population