Mary Ward (1585 - 1645)

Foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Head girl's Message
Dear Friends,

Loreto House is not just a school, it is a place we call home. It is every Loretorite’s safe heaven. It is a place where we make friends for life. It is a place which gives us a lifetime’s worth of memories. Loreto not only makes good students but also great people. It teaches us that we have the power to change the world.
If there is one message I would like to give you as Head Girl, it would be: “Have courage and be kind.”
Do not be afraid. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to fail. Sometimes fear is the only thing holding us back from doing great things.
Be kind. In a world that is full of hatred and cruelty, be loving and good. A smile can do a world of and a helping hand can be a lifeline.
Live life to the fullest and having no regrets.
Prarthita Bandopadhyay
2018 - 2019