Mary Ward (1585 - 1645)

Foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary


• Individual Counselling to Students: Conducting one-on-one counselling sessions with students who are experiencing difficulties or challenges related to academic, social, behavioural or emotional aspect. A safe and confidential environment is provided to make students comfortable so that they can unwind and feel free to share their concerns, explore their feelings and develop healthy coping strategies. This is aimed towards fostering the emotional well-being of students, helping them navigate challenges and promoting their overall mental health.

• Telephonic Sessions: Students can also avail the facility of telephonic sessions during vacations or post-school timings in case of urgencies.

• Counselling Classes: Counselling classes are regularly conducted from II-XII to psycho-educate and spread awareness about mental health. It helps to address some common issues that students maybe facing on daily basis such as stress management, peer pressure, goal-setting, self-esteem, bullying or fear of judgment. This enhances the students' overall well-being and equip them with essential life skills.

• Observation Classes: These classes are arranged to gauge an understanding of the child’s behaviour (verbal and non-verbal) in a classroom setting and assist and guide teachers accordingly to optimize the teaching-learning process.

• Working with Parents: Individual sessions for the parents are organised every Saturday (online/offline). These sessions are aimed towards providing a platform for parents to share and discuss their concerns regarding their ward(s). It helps to provide a supportive and a secure environment for students at home as well as keeping the parents in the loop about their wards’ concerns or issues.

• Workshop with Teachers: Workshop programmes are conducted for teachers to sensitize them regarding various topics related to mental health. The objective of these meetings is extremely crucial as it entails discussion about students’ concerns and how to address these problems, especially post-pandemic.

• Creating a Safe Environment for Students: A paramount focus is given towards keeping the school in a safe and congenial space for all students, irrespective of their class, age etc. Any student facing or about to face unwanted scenarios is swiftly counselled so that such scenarios do not occur or that any student having faced difficulties, is made at ease with prompt and effective resolution. To spread awareness against bullying and subsequently accepting and helping fellow students, posters are created and displayed throughout the school regularly.