Mary Ward (1585 - 1645)

Foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Head girl's Message
“Show yourself as you are, and be, what you show yourself to be”. - Mary Ward

For almost two centuries, Loreto institutions in India have been providing a value- based education to millions of children passing through its hallowed portals, inculcating in them, the best of Indian and Western values, as well as timeless ancient and progressive modern ideals. In keeping with the ideals of the Loreto community, Loreto House aims at the empowerment of young women in an atmosphere providing a holistic all-round education to each and every student. The school has transformed thousands of girls into extraordinary young women.
Being a Loreto girl is an honour in itself. A Loreto girl is someone who is honest, reliable, compassionate, and articulate, with a voice and thought that can change the world. A strong institution is built upon a strong foundation and the credit for moulding the students into the Loreto girls they become, goes to the hardworking, caring, open-minded and experienced teachers, with a deep knowledge and love for the subjects. As Headgirl of the school and a proud Loretoite myself, I do not believe that a Loreto girl leaving this school would not be prepared to take on the world.
In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “Whatever you are, be a good one.”
It is these very words that symbolise the everlasting ideals of goodness, sincerity, courage, joy in service and love for the poor, that have been laid in the foundation of our institution by our foundress, Mary Ward. Loreto House provides many opportunities throughout its curriculum which allows its students to challenge, inspire and lead by example. It is not just a school, it is a home, and a safe haven for every girl seeking to make a change in this world as a contributing member of society.